3 Ways Technology Can Help Grow Your Manufacturing Business In 2019

IoT Manufacturing

Digital innovations are key to streamlining complex manufacturing processes. There are various ways to implement technology to grow your manufacturing business in 2019. Innovative technology can help to increase productivity, lower production costs and grow your revenue.

In this post we look at 3 ways technology can help grow your manufacturing business in 2019.


The internet of things (IoT) in manufacturing has a huge potential to make production more efficient. With the amalgamation of hardware and software, IoT offers opportunities for a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Through the growth of IoT, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning has opened up new opportunities for the manufacturing sectors to improve processes and increase output.

Machine learning has the potential to detect system issues in automated plants and even fix software issues without human intervention. These self-dependent manufacturing systems should help to reduce the level of downtime in production plants.




Automation has been used in manufacturing since the 1970s, however the advances in technology in recent times offers increased efficiency and output. While there have been suggestions that automation robots would replace human laborers in manufacturing, robots are collaborative in nature, working alongside humans to improve efficiency.

Automated technology empowers manufacturers to boost productivity levels, lower costs, improve workplace safety and reduce error. With automation, there are less production flow interruptions, less manual quality checks and less human error.

Adopting automation also facilitates workers to use their expertise on high-level tasks, leaving the tedious, manual tasks to the machines.


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Digital Marketing

The way manufacturers market their business has changed compared to marketing strategies used ten years ago. Distributors are increasingly using the online space to research and evaluate their options, if your manufacturing firm is lacking a digital strategy it’s unlikely you’ll be found by eager prospects.


Ensuring your brand ranks highly on search engines for keywords related to your business will drive qualified traffic to your website. The visitors to your website can be converted into leads when they contact you through a contact form, submit their email for a download or to request samples.


Through digital marketing, manufacturers can increase their brand awareness, create a voice for their brand, differentiate themselves for competitors, and position themselves as experts. Inbound marketing, SEO and social media are all essential elements to digital marketing for manufacturing companies.


The decision process for b2b customers is usually a longer process compared to b2c buyers, therefore the use of social media can greatly enhance your lead nurturing process.


For managers in manufacturing companies, there are technologies that are available to you today that can help increase your revenue and increase your productivity.