UK manufacturing survey

UK Manufacturing Orders Fall Dramatically in Q3 2018

We reported back in July 2018 that production in UK manufacturing had increased at its strongest page in a year in Q2. Q3 of 2018 is certainly showing a different picture. Manufacturing orders for UK manufacturing companies fell in Q3 at the fastest pace for 3 years over Brexit concerns. This result has been published … Continued

Engineering brain drain UK

Brain Drain A Major Problem For UK Engineering

Skills shortage remains a major problem for UK engineering firms. One of the root causes of this brain drain is Brexit, while another cause is the lack of students pursuing a career in engineering related fields. The result of this skills shortage problem is a lack of investment and increased costs for engineering companies on … Continued

UK manufacturing output

UK Manufacturing Output Accelerates In 2018

A recent CBI Industry Trends Survey has found that UK manufacturing output has increased to its strongest pace in a year in July. With over 357 manufacturers surveyed, 41% of firms said that the volume of output over the past 3 months, compared to 14% who responded that they saw a decrease in output.   … Continued