Engineering post Brexit

Engineering in the post-Brexit future

With Brexit making headline news across the world, we’re left wondering what lies ahead for the UK engineering market post-Brexit? With businesses across the UK unsure how the post Brexit future will affect them in terms of trade with the EU and the rest of the world, the engineering sector stands to potentially benefit from … Continued

Empty Warehouse

How to maximise warehouse space when expansion isn’t an option

7 ways to maximise warehouse space without physically expanding   The expense of operating a warehouse is huge; from acquiring the land, to operational costs, managing equipment, labour costs and of course storing inventory. Warehouse managers constantly face the challenge to efficiently utilise space and reduce costs. When expansion isn’t an option, the most practical, … Continued


6 Best Practices for Warehouse Inventory Cycle Counts

Top Tips for Warehouse Inventory Cycle Counts   Inventory cycle counting differs from the traditional physical counting method, where total operations had to cease for a complete count to be carried out. The modern cycle counting approach is continuous, less disruptive and can be tailored to perform more regular counts on higher value and higher … Continued

Engineering brain drain UK

Brain Drain A Major Problem For UK Engineering

Skills shortage remains a major problem for UK engineering firms. One of the root causes of this brain drain is Brexit, while another cause is the lack of students pursuing a career in engineering related fields. The result of this skills shortage problem is a lack of investment and increased costs for engineering companies on … Continued

warehouse safety

6 Simple Tips to Improve Warehouse Health and Safety

Every workplace is in danger of safety hazards, whether your day is spent controlling technical equipment, managing heavy machinery, in contact with chemicals or even based in an office. There’s no guarantee your working environment is an accident free zone and all companies need to prioritize the implementation of robust safety precautions. Warehouses are no … Continued