Narrow aisle forklift

Top Benefits of Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Warehouses that use narrow aisle forklifts experience a lot of benefits. There are more opportunities to use space more effectively and to store more stock. A forklift that is 3 feet to 10 feet wide is considered a narrow aisle forklift. In this post we highlight the top benefits of narrow aisle forklifts and how … Continued

UK engineering trade shows

UK Industrial Engineering Trade Shows 2018

As we are now well into Q2 of 2018, here are the top industrial trade shows in the United Kingdom: 11 August 2018 One Big Day Harrogate Sedgefield show – Stockton-on-tees Elvington Model Show – York (2 day event 11 – 12 August)   23 August 2018 Great Dorset Steam Fair – Wimborne Minster (Continues … Continued

Engineering brain drain UK

Brain Drain A Major Problem For UK Engineering

Skills shortage remains a major problem for UK engineering firms. One of the root causes of this brain drain is Brexit, while another cause is the lack of students pursuing a career in engineering related fields. The result of this skills shortage problem is a lack of investment and increased costs for engineering companies on … Continued

UK manufacturing output

UK Manufacturing Output Accelerates In 2018

A recent CBI Industry Trends Survey has found that UK manufacturing output has increased to its strongest pace in a year in July. With over 357 manufacturers surveyed, 41% of firms said that the volume of output over the past 3 months, compared to 14% who responded that they saw a decrease in output.   … Continued