Chemical manufacturing

How to improve sales performance in Chemical Manufacturing

Strategies to improve sales in chemical manufacturing The chemical manufacturing industry has been experiencing many problems and is expected to face even more issues in the coming years, with rising regulations and the unpredictability of  markets. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a reasonable profit margin in today’s environment. A small number of companies … Continued

Engineering post Brexit

Engineering in the post-Brexit future

With Brexit making headline news across the world, we’re left wondering what lies ahead for the UK engineering market post-Brexit? With businesses across the UK unsure how the post Brexit future will affect them in terms of trade with the EU and the rest of the world, the engineering sector stands to potentially benefit from … Continued

UK manufacturing survey

UK Manufacturing Orders Fall Dramatically in Q3 2018

We reported back in July 2018 that production in UK manufacturing had increased at its strongest page in a year in Q2. Q3 of 2018 is certainly showing a different picture. Manufacturing orders for UK manufacturing companies fell in Q3 at the fastest pace for 3 years over Brexit concerns. This result has been published … Continued

Narrow aisle forklift

Top Benefits of Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Warehouses that use narrow aisle forklifts experience a lot of benefits. There are more opportunities to use space more effectively and to store more stock. A forklift that is 3 feet to 10 feet wide is considered a narrow aisle forklift. In this post we highlight the top benefits of narrow aisle forklifts and how … Continued

Empty Warehouse

How to maximise warehouse space when expansion isn’t an option

7 ways to maximise warehouse space without physically expanding   The expense of operating a warehouse is huge; from acquiring the land, to operational costs, managing equipment, labour costs and of course storing inventory. Warehouse managers constantly face the challenge to efficiently utilise space and reduce costs. When expansion isn’t an option, the most practical, … Continued

IoT Manufacturing

3 Ways Technology Can Help Grow Your Manufacturing Business In 2019

Digital innovations are key to streamlining complex manufacturing processes. There are various ways to implement technology to grow your manufacturing business in 2019. Innovative technology can help to increase productivity, lower production costs and grow your revenue. In this post we look at 3 ways technology can help grow your manufacturing business in 2019.

warehouse efficiency

Essential Warehouse Efficiency Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

Knowing what’s working in your warehouse and what’s not is imperative for success. When it comes to measuring warehouse efficiency and productivity, warehouse managers often find themselves drowning in performance data.   To prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed, an easy first step is choose what metrics you care about the most. Simply explained, warehouse efficiency … Continued


6 Best Practices for Warehouse Inventory Cycle Counts

Top Tips for Warehouse Inventory Cycle Counts   Inventory cycle counting differs from the traditional physical counting method, where total operations had to cease for a complete count to be carried out. The modern cycle counting approach is continuous, less disruptive and can be tailored to perform more regular counts on higher value and higher … Continued


Why Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Systems Are Right For Your Distribution and Operational Needs

The benefits of AGVs in warehousing   With Warehouse demands consistently rising and customers’ expectations at an all-time high for speedy deliveries and accurate orders, distribution centers (DCs) have had to adapt accordingly. Efficient automated systems have been the key to maintaining success for Warehouse managers in recent years and AGVs have proved to be … Continued

Warehouse Drone

Top 5 innovative warehouse solutions

Innovative Warehouse Technologies   Within the next 5 years it’s been predicted that over 85% of all businesses will be digital. What does this mean for those in the warehousing sector? Businesses will need to react quickly by implementing the latest warehouse technology. Not only will this ensure future proofing, but supply chains will be … Continued